Value Statement

We help foundations and non-profits improve the world.

We specialize in Clean Transportation; Land, Water, and Environmental Conservation; and Climate Change Abatement.

By bringing energy to the process and listening to you, we provide insights driven by strong analytics, research, and expert input; and synthesize results in clear, compelling, and visual ways.



Mount Everest from the Lhotse Face

Mount Everest from the Lhotse Face

Hovland Consulting has over 17 years of experience with large foundations, non-profits, and governments. Example clients include the Hewlett Foundation, ClimateWorks Foundation, Water Funder Initiative, Moving Beyond Oil Fund, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, Securing America's Future Energy, Energy Foundation, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Nature Conservancy,  Environmental Defense Fund, and the Department of Interior.