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Securing America's Future Energy - Joe Ryan

I worked with Val to put together an incredibly complex, national plan promoting alternative vehicles across the US. Val demonstrated her expertise at taking a problem, internalizing it and coming up with really creative solutions.

She also commits herself to the project going well beyond what I would expect a consultant to learn about a project that I have contracted them to help with. She digs into the research, she builds creative models and helps tell compelling stories with the data.

Even more, in my experience, I have not seen anyone advance the ball between check-in meetings the way Val does. She moves twice as fast as you would expect and delivers products that are twice as good as you could have hoped. Dollar for dollar, Hovland Consulting delivers unrivaled value. I expect to work with Val again in the near future.”


Hewlett Foundation (former) - Michael Scott

I have worked with Val for years on strategies, evaluations, mapping, and tracking progress on land and water conservation in the North American West. Most recently, Val helped us track progress on detailed acres and river miles. She worked with over a dozen grantees (on example topics such as wilderness area designation, national monument creation, or oil and gas closures), summarized progress by ecoregions, and helped the program both report progress to its Board, and make interim decisions on future priorities.

Val is a GIS master, manages large datasets easily, understands conservation well, and skillfully works with multiple grantees to report progress, and makes the process easier for them and us. She is dedicated to the topic and connected to the environment. I look forward to working with Val in the future."


Hewlett Foundation (former) - Margarita Parra

“Val is an impressive strategist and a very reliable consultant.

Val has a great understanding of the role of philanthropy, and given her experience and skills she can make quick recommendations and also write complex reports on how to make a difference.

We have worked on topics of low carbon innovative mobility and the challenges of tackling the freight sector’s emissions. She is also a pleasure to work with and I look forward to see Hovland Consulting doing great.”


ClimateWorks Foundation - Anthony Eggert

"I have worked closely with Val for over two years who continues to provide excellent ongoing support to ClimateWorks Foundation including research, analysis, writing, and project management.

Val is highly productive, detail-oriented, and consistently delivers quality products ahead of schedule. She was instrumental in helping our team deliver strategic guidance on the role of electric vehicles and shared mobility toward low-carbon sustainable transport and she continues to provide highly sophisticated carbon abatement potential and funding analysis for our programs. I look forward to continuing to work with her closely in the coming months and years.”